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Music Thoughts: Razor’s Edge by Digital Daggers

Razor’s Edge by Digital Daggers – off their upcoming album “Close Your Eyes” – is described by singer Andrea Wasse as a song for “anyone who wants to turn down the lights and have a dark little moment of self-reflection” (Rolling Stone). That’s an appropriate way to express the overall feel of the song. With a slow, haunting keyboard section backing lyrics such as “I’m scared cause the past keeps pulling me back,” it sets the atmosphere well, especially once the drums enter the song. This is not a song that you’ll be listening to during a joyous occasion. But it’s a song that conveys those less-than-celebratory times that anyone has probably gone through at some point.

The song can be downloaded for free from Rolling Stone’s website.
Close Your Eyes is scheduled to be released June 11.

Digital Daggers’ website