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Music Thoughts: Rilo by Seams

NOTE: The above embed is the official music video, but the song itself is about 2 minutes longer than it.

I like this song overall. It’s got a nice, ambient, main beat. The various notes sprinkled throughout the first half give it just the right amount of added noise to not make it too repetitive. The alternating notes that open the second half has this cool, almost “electronic rain” sound. What I don’t really like though is the last 90 seconds – which aren’t part of the video embedded above. This last part just doesn’t have the same feel as the rest of the song, almost like it was added on (which, considering this song was originally conceived as two separate songs, it might’ve been). Still, it’s worth listening to for those first two-thirds.

Download the song for free from Rolling Stone’s website.
Seams’ album, Quarters, will be released September 30, 2013 and will be available from the iTunes store and Amazon MP3.

Seams’ website

Music Thoughts: Little Games by The Colourist

Wow, did I like this song. The main guitar riff is ridiculously infectious. The drum section has a commanding, but not overbearing feel. A song about a breakup shouldn’t put me in such a good mood, but the two different vocalists (one female, one male) make it work so well.

The song is currently available to download for free from the iTunes store. Expired.
The Colourist’s EP, Lido, is available to download from the iTunes store and Amazon MP3.

The Colourist’s website

Music Thoughts: Shine Shine by Todd Herfindal

So today we have a piece of environmental-themed rock music. The verses themselves are about the problems in the world – “with guns blazing all around, is it really worth dying for?” – while the chorus is a call for people to do good. The guitar section gives the hopeful feel of a better tomorrow, which really shines (no pun intended) through during the chorus along with Todd’s voice.

Download the song for free from Rolling Stone’s website.
Get Todd’s album, Right Here Now, from the iTunes store and Amazon MP3.

Todd Herfindal’s website

Music Thoughts: Lock ‘N’ Load by The Dead Daisies Featuring Slash

“Lock ‘N’ Load” is presumably the single from an upcoming self-titled album from The Dead Daisies. With Slash involved, I was expecting good things from the guitar section, and this song didn’t disappoint. The main riff is engaging, and the solo also draws you in. Following the solo is a more toned down section, which I quite liked as a lead-in to the song’s ending.

The song is available to download for free from Rolling Stone’s website.

The Dead Daisies’ website

Music Thoughts: I Was Not There by Terry Malts

“I Was Not There” is from Terry Malts’ upcoming album, Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere. The guitar is the real focus here. It has a good hook that keeps the song energetic, and I liked when it alone was playing at the intro and partway into the song. The drum section is fast and enjoyable and plays off the guitar well. This is an overall fun, catchy punk piece.

The song is available to download for free from Rolling Stone’s website.
Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere will be released September 10, 2013 and will be available from

Terry Malts on Facebook

Music Thoughts: Natural Selection by Alexander von Mehren

“Natural Selection” comes from Alexander’s upcoming album, Aeropop. It begins with a one minute introductory piano-lead piece. This opening is quite serene in nature and gives the song a relaxing start. In the next part, the piano becomes sharper and serves as the main beat while other instruments (and the vocalists) gradually join in. By the time the guitars enter, the song has built up to an appealing combination of sounds that carry it to the final part of the song. This final part is another slow piano piece that serves as nice way to end the song.

The song is available to download for free from Rolling Stone’s website.
Aeropop will be released August 20, 2013 and can be pre-ordered from

Alexander von Mehren’s website

Music Thoughts: Floating by Nadine Shah

“Floating” comes from Nadine’s upcoming album, Love Your Dum And Mad. This is the demo version of the song, and since the album hasn’t been released yet I don’t know what changed between this and the final track. Nadine sings about how uninteresting everyday life can be. It’s a rather slow song, with a straightforward but kind of dense drum beat. The acoustic guitar is rather minimalistic, with the frequent sounds of what almost seems like a computer breaking down. It all combines into a rather intriguing, but slightly unnerving song, especially for the last 90 seconds which are done instrumentally.

The song is available to download for free from Rolling Stone’s website.
Love Your Dum And Mad will be released July 23, 2013 and will be available from Amazon MP3.

Nadine Shah’s website

Album Review: Jake Bugg by Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg Album cover

Jake Bugg’s self-titled CD was released in the USA on April 9, 2013. I covered the song “Lightning Bolt” from the album previously, and now I’m looking at the rest of the album.

Song list:

  1. Lightning Bolt: My thoughts on it are linked above.
  2. Two Fingers: A slower, more reflective song. Already good from the start, but it really picks up during the chorus with the guitar and bass parts.
  3. Taste It: I hear this song and my mind imagines walking down a country road. The main guitar riff might not be as catchy as “Lightning Bolt’s,” but don’t be surprised if it still gets stuck in your head.
  4. Seen It All: A calm opening guitar leads into a faster first verse before reaching the slightly more frenetic chorus. It fits the song considering the subject is one night out that soon becomes too crazy. The tone of the song’s ending lets you know how that night ended.
  5. Simple As This: This song has the right mood coming off of “Seen It All’s” ending. Soft guitar and a nice harmonica compliment Jake’s voice. Overall though, this song didn’t really stick with me.
  6. Country Song: It may not even be two minutes long, but the guitar and Jake’s melancholy singing make for an emotional listen. It does sound like – as he says in the song – that it’s “from the heart.”
  7. Broken: Another slow, contemplative song. The guitar really helps create the right atmosphere, and the build-up in the last minute to the ending is quite powerful.
  8. Trouble Town: Back to the quicker style of earlier songs (“Taste It”). Less-than-upbeat lyrics describe a less-than-favorable place to live. Pretty likable song thanks to the guitar playing and drum beat.
  9. Ballad Of Mr. Jones: The percussion is the real focus here. The guitar is initially light, but becomes stronger for the chorus. This song is sad, especially once its understood what the song is about. It definitely makes for a very striking track.
  10. Slide: Not a bad song, but it’s my least favorite on the album. The guitar is just as good here as it is in previous tracks. The lyrics however, don’t really resonate with me.
  11. Someone Told Me: The guitar on this track is kind of charming. The lyrics on it are depressing. It makes for an unnerving, but effective combination.
  12. Note To Self: Nice harmonica in the opening. A good message about reminding yourself about your own importance. All around good song.
  13. Someplace: A song about being with the one you love. Between the guitar and points where the other instruments chime in, I was getting an “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls vibe when listening to this (that’s a good thing, since I really like that song).
  14. Fire: The last song on the album, and also the shortest. Almost feels out of place with its rough, crackling noise and simple guitar strums. Those things however, also make the song kind of appealing in its own way.

Final Thoughts:
This is a very good album. A lot of slow, meaningful songs with a few quicker paced (though not always upbeat) tracks. Jake’s smooth voice and the consistently good acoustic guitar are the main draws, though there are points where the drum section shines as well. It’s certainly worth picking up.

Jake Bugg’s self-titled album can be purchased from the iTunes store and Amazon MP3.

Music Thoughts: Lonely by Mean Lady

NOTE: The above embed is a live version of this song.

“Lonely” comes from Mean Lady’s upcoming album, Love Now. The first minute of piano playing gives the impression of a slow, somber song. Past that, it picks up with a fun combination of piano playing and clapping, becoming more upbeat. Which is ironic considering the song is about loneliness.

The song is available to download for free from Rolling Stone’s website.
Love Now will be released July 23, 2013 and will be available from Amazon MP3.

Mean Lady on Bandcamp

Music Thoughts: Chocolate by The 1975

“Chocolate” comes from The 1975’s upcoming self-titled debut album and their previously released EP, Music for Cars. This is a very pop-sounding song. The light guitar gives it an upbeat, easy-going feel. Though this goes away for the quick pause in the latter half of the song (which admittedly made me think the song was ending early the first time I heard it), it comes back for one more short rousing finale.

The song is currently available to download for free from the USA iTunes store. Expired.
The 1975 is planned to be released September 9, 2013.

The 1975’s website